The Renter declare that he is informed and agree with the General Conditions of the Rental Agreement from „KHL moto Travel“ Ltd

This Agreement after being drawn up, was clearly read out and is concluded by the contracting parties and signed as follows:

The Owner, „KHL moto Travel“ Ltd, hereby gives for rent to the Renter the motorcycle, described in details in the Rental Agreement and subject to all terms and conditions hereinafter.

Delivery and Return

The motorcycle must be handed over to the Renter in good condition. The Renter is obliged to return the motorcycle to the Owner at the same office where it was originally picked up, unless another place of return has been pre-agreed upon by the Owner. If the motorcycle was rented in Sofia, it should be returned to the Owner’s office located at Tsiklama st. 1, 1532, Kazithene, Sofia. If the motorcycle was rented in Sveti Vlas, it should be returned to the Owner’s office located at ul. “Chajka” 8256, 8256 Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria. The motorcycle should be returned with all accompanying accessories and documents in the same condition as it was originally received by the Renter. The condition of the motorcycle shall be verified in a signed by both parties upon acceptance and return “Acceptance – and – Return” protocol, which is an inseparable part of the Agreement herein.

The Owner reserves the right to repossess the motorcycle at any time, on the Renter’s expenses, in case the motorcycle is used by him/her in violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

In case of an accident with the rented motorcycle, the lessee is obliged to request a report from the Ministry of Interior and present it to the Renter. In case of non-submission of such a protocol, the lessee shall owe the Renter all costs of covering the damage. When, due to the fault of the lessee, damage occurs during the use / driving / of a motorcycle in circumstances in which the insurance company refuses to pay compensation / use of alcohol, etc. narcotic substances prohibited by law, as well as in case of seizure, etc., provided in the Penal Code cases constituting a crime /, the tenant is responsible for full compensation in the amount estimated by the expert of the insurer / , as well as the costs of assessing and repairing the damage until the motorcycle is restored to its original operational and technical condition.

In case of an accident or other damage, direct and immediate consequence of the use / management / of the motorcycle by the renter, which require stopping the motorcycle from running and repair in service, to repair the damage, the renter owes the Owner rental price for each day – from the acceptance of the motorcycle for service, the stay in the service for repair of the damage until the final repair of the damage, as a result of which the motorcycle for rent has not worked as intended.
By signing this contract, the lessee is considered warned and received instructions from the Renter to comply with the rules of the road, as well as all legal restrictions on the road under the Traffic Act. the lessee, in turn, is obliged to comply with the rules of the road, as well as all restrictions on the road under the Traffic Act. The Owner is not responsible for violations committed by the tenant during the use of the motorcycle, as well as for photos that exceeded the speed limit of stationary or mobile cameras of the Ministry of Interior.

The Renter is not allowed to leave Bulgaria’s borders on a rented motorcycle, unless leaving the territory follows a route that has been agreed in advance and approved by the Owner. In case of using the motorcycle outside Bulgaria or previously agreed route by Owner, the Renter owes the Owner a penalty of 10,000 euros.

Entering the following countries on a rented motorcycle is strictly prohibited: Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, and Turkey. If the Renter enters these countries on a rented motorcycle, they will owe the Owner a penalty of 10,000 euros.

At the end of the rental period, the renter must return the motorcycle with a full tank of gasoline. If the renter returns the motorcycle with an incomplete tank, a fine of 50 euros will be imposed, which will be deducted from the deposit.

The Owner is obliged:

To deliver the motorcycle in proper technical condition, alongside with the relevant obligatory accessories and documents, as well as to allow the Renter to freely use the motorcycle within the terms of the Agreement provided, if the Renter complies with the terms and conditions of the Agreement herein. The motorcycle, subject of rental, is provided with an insurance package and copy of “Third Party Liability” insurance (TPL). The TPL insurance policy is available with the Renter for inspection.

Conditions of Use of motorcycle

Availability of a valid driving license is a must as for the Renter also for an additional driver and they must be 23 years of age or more.

The Renter is obliged:

To use the motorcycle properly and to maintain the motorcycle with the standards of a good proprietor;
Not to drive the motorcycle whilst under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance impairing his/her consciousness or ability to react;
Not to use the motorcycle in contravention of any traffic rules and/or other legal regulations;
Not to sub-rent the motorcycle or assign it to persons other than those preliminary designated and authorized by the Owner in the relevant line provided on the front page of this Agreement;
Not to use the motorcycle outside the country of rental without the written permission of the Owner;
Upon parking the motorcycle, to keep the keys and the certificate of registration and to engage the alarm system;
In case of damage to the rented motorcycle, to take all necessary measures to limit the damage, as well as to protect and repatriate the motorcycle.
In case of damage, theft of parts of the motorcycle and / or the motorcycle itself, renter must immediately notify the bodies of the Ministry of Interior, the Owner and the insurer, in case the tenant does not do so, he bears full and unlimited property liability for the value of the motorcycle.
To ensure that the motorcycle is protected from encroachment by parking it only in a guarded car park or garage, taking all precautions;
Not to use the motorcycle for carriage of passengers and cargoes against payment or to participate in races, exercises, route tests, training, etc.;
Not to use the motorcycle to propel or tow any other motorcycle, trailers or similar as well as no to drive the motorcycle along broken ground;

Liability of The Renter

In case of brake-down or if any damage is caused to the motorcycle, if theft of parts and/or the whole motorcycle occurs, the Renter is obliged immediately within the next 24 hours to inform the Owner.

The Renter is obliged to pay an indemnity the defined in the Rental Agreement amount for any accident, claim or damage of the motorcycle, which is not a direct subsequence of the actions of the third guilty party, which should be evidenced by a protocol issued by the respective authorities.

All damages on the downside of the motorcycle, loss or theft of documents, theft of the motorcycle or it’s parts or accessories, damages on tires, wheel rims and others not covered by the insurance indemnity will be paid by the Renter as per the price list of the Owner.

The Renter is obliged to maintain the rented motorcycle and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as per the provisions of the service book of the motorcycle.

The Renter obligated to check periodically the level of fluids (oil, water, brake fluids), the condition of the lights and the condition and air pressure of the tires.

It is agreed that for every damage occurred during the rental period, due to improper/bad exploitation or non compliance to the above mentioned, the Renter will cover the cost for rectification.


It is explicitly agreed that the Renter alone shall be personally and fully responsible for the damage suffered to the Owner property, as well as by Third Persons, and referring to the rental or the usage of the rented motorcycle, where such loss or damage was caused intentionally or due to gross negligence of the terms and conditions of the Agreement; and/or after usage of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance by the driver; and/or due to violation of the current laws in Bulgaria; and the damages cause to/by third party are not covered by the TPL insurance.

Accidents, Theft, etc.

a) In all events of road traffic accidents; upon damage to the motorcycle or other objects outside the motorcycle; if injury to the passengers in the motorcycle or third persons; if theft of parts or the motorcycle itself, the Renter must request the Traffic Police to be present at the scene of the event and also must insist on obtaining a ‘Protocol’ by the traffic police and to forward the mentioned Protocol to the Owner immediately.

b) The events in the preceding paragraph must be immediately reported to the Owner. The Renter must provide all accident- related facts and data of third persons and witnesses to the Police and the Owner.

c) Under no circumstances claims by third persons are to be accepted by the Renter. The Renter is obliged to assist the Owner and/or to its insurance companies in all claims and legal affairs referring to the accidents by Paragraph 1.

d) If case of violation of the preceding regulations by the Renter, or in case the Protocol is not executed by the Police, even if the CDW and TP clauses are accepted, the Renter will not be released from indemnities for the damage.

Data of The Renter

Before signing the Agreement, the Renter shall provide the Owner with documents and data as follows: ID Card/Passport, Driving License, Credit Card, and Permanent Address Registration in Bulgaria or in a foreign country and current address in Bulgaria, which documents after being processed and described in the Agreement shall be returned to the Renter. The Owner is obliged not disclose the data received to third persons in order to prevent misuse.

Extension of Rental Period

a) If The Renter wishes to extend the rental period of the Agreement, he/she must inform the Owner not later than 48 hours before the initial expiration time of the rental Agreement. If possible, the Owner shall prolong the rental period of the Agreement and inform the Renter of the extra rental period.

b) In the event of Renter’s failure to comply with the provision of the preceding paragraph and continuation of illegal usage of the motorcycle, he/she shall assume civil and punitive liability for illegal usage and possession of the motorcycle.

Termination of the Rental Agreement

The Rental agreement is terminated on the date of delivering the rented motorcycle to the Renter and payments of the due amount. The rented motorcycle is to be returned immediately to the Renter and the Agreement is terminated in case of delayed payments for more than 10 days; if the Renter violates any other agreement or prohibition or obligation according to the terms hereof with respect to the correct use of the motorcycle; if any solemn/statutory declaration or confirmation effected with respect to the present agreement or to a rented motorcycle proves to be at any time whatsoever incorrect with respect to material points thereof; if the Renter passes away, or if it has to do with a company, if such company is put under a stage of liquidation, or if an application for bankruptcy is submitted against the Renter or if the Renter submits a declaration concerning the cessation of its payments or if the Renter is placed under a compulsory management.

The Renter’s refusal to redeliver immediately the rented motorcycle to the Owner will cause versus the Renter, in addition to the consequences provided for herein, also the sanctions of the Penal Law regarding embezzlement, the granting of injunctions versus it or in any other manner whatsoever.

Among the rental agreements concluded by the same Renter there is indivisibility, in the sense that the termination even of one rental agreement only entitles the owner to terminate at its discretion all of the motorcycle rental agreements concluded with the same Renter.

Suability and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be in accordance with the laws of the country of residence of Owner and all disputes that may arise out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be under the jurisdiction of the competent Sofia Court.

In witness whereof the Renter is fully aware and agree with the current General Terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement signatures have been executed by the duly authorized Representatives of the parties and day and year below written.